Finch, PC Resources

Helpful information about working with Finch.

Schedule a Call

Get a meeting scheduled with your Finch Team.

Working with Us

Information about the ongoing relationship and how we have everything structured on our end.


Information about the onboard process and what life with Finch, PC looks like during and after the transition.

Check Processing

Information on the check processing schedule, so you can time your payments.

The Finch App

Learn how to use the various features of the Finch App.

Monthly Close

A breakdown of the monthly close schedule.

Finch Reports

Access your current and historical monthly Finch reports.

Employment Documents

Use our template forms for new/changing employees and contractors.

TSheets Instructions

Guidelines for employees to use TSheets for time tracking.

Time-Off Requests

Use our tool to facilitate time-off requests for your team. Accepted requests come straight to us for processing and recordkeeping.