About Finch

We’re a group of accountants and analysts who have teamed up to bring premium financial and accounting expertise to small businesses and churches across the country.


We’ve used our experience in top companies to set up systems and processes to better serve our clients. Our expertise has resulted in saving our clients a lot of time while guiding and supporting them towards a healthy future in their organization.


How Finch was Hatched

In early 2015, the founders went on a quick overnight camping trip to Joshua Tree in California. On the ride home, the conversation revolved entirely around the idea of bringing their accounting and finance experience to small businesses and churches – the most important aspect… doing so in a way that would be economical without sacrificing the quality.  The next weekend, Finch was officially born.


Since then, Corey and Jon have been doing just that! The entire Finch team is able to offer the world-class service they imagined in a monthly subscription-based structure for an economical price.

Corey Johnson

Co-Founder & Chief Analyzer


Jonathan Pittard, CPA

Co-Founder & Chief Number Cruncher


Andrea Marrero, CPA

Senior Number Cruncher

Anthony Alfonso

Senior Payrollologist

Eileen Zhang, CPA

Senior Number Cruncher

James Chun, EA

Senior Number Cruncher

Kevin Chen

Senior Analyzer

Aaron Castillo


Ajay Sandhu

Number Cruncher

Amanda Sappington

Administrative Jedi

Brian Chae

Number Cruncher

Brianna Carpenter


Jessica Murillo

Number Cruncher

Marissa Thein

The Intern

Mark Ko


Olivia Chen, CPA

Number Cruncher

Regina Carrell

The Intern

Our Impact

We’re proud of what we’re doing and how well our clients are doing. Currently, our accountants and analysts are supporting our clients with the following.


Total Monthly Income


Total Cash on Hand

That’s a lot of accounting and analyzing that we’re saving business owners and pastors from having to do!