Finch Payroll

With our Full-Service Payroll, your own Finch CPA will handle all things Payroll – just enter hours and we do the rest! Total pay and hours are calculated for you using our free direct deposit service. 


We handle your payroll tax payments and forms for you – guaranteed to be accurate and on-time. If a tax issue comes up, we’ll resolve it!

Full-Service Features:

• Free direct deposit

• No tax pre-payment—pay only when it’s due

• We setup and run your payroll, and file payroll taxes for you

• We calculate paychecks and all payroll taxes

• Guaranteed error-free paychecks & payroll taxes

• Free new hire reporting for W-2 employees

• Employees can view their paychecks and payroll reports

• Free timeclock function included

• Works with or without QuickBooks