The Finch App

Our app is designed for businesses, churches, and non-profits that want the functions of internal accounting tools with the convenience of an app.


We built our web app to provide our clients with a differentiated accounting and finance experience. Our app simplifies your team’s interactions with the accounting and finance function while providing them sufficient resources to manage their needs.

Check Requests:

Facilitate payments with your team. Team members can request payments and others can approve requests. Everything will make it to the accounting software for processing, all within a simple and user-friendly structure.

• Pool-based approval system by default. Requester users can request checks, and any approver user can approve those requests.

• Each user has full access to see their history of checks processed, along with each request that is saved or in the approval flow.

• We’ll process your payments twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check out our check processing schedule for more details.

Expense Reports:

Manage your team’s expense reports. Team members can manage their own organization card expense reporting, users can approve their team’s reports, with everyone’s records and receipts getting stored in the accounting software.

• Transactions can come straight to Finch for review/processing or users can have a single-level direct approval by default.

• Each user has full access to see their historical transactions along with all data associated.

• Route expenses from one user to another for approval.

• Each cardholder can categorize expenses, split them amongst multiple categories, and attach documentation..

Finch Reports:

Monthly reporting for the management team or budget owners. Financials, metrics, and analyst notes to provide core financials to the members of your team.

• Users will have access to the core financials we publish for the organization – a standard PDF management report with added metrics and information.

• Each user has full access to the archive of historical financials.


We offer additional premium features that can be added on for current Finch clients.

Account Access

With this feature, you have the ability to limit each of your individual team member’s visible accounts in their profiles. This is helpful when certain team members should only be charging and have access to charge particular expense accounts, whether through check requests or expense reports.

Manager Users

While our default is to manage your team’s access for you as a client, some clients like to have more control on their end, and our Manager User feature is just the solution for that need. Manager Users have more control and visibility within the Finch App for their team.