Account Access Feature

With this feature, you have the ability to limit each of your individual team member’s visible accounts in their profiles. This is helpful when certain team members should only be charging and have access to charge particular expense accounts, whether through check requests or expense reports.

Rights for

Each User

Easily Alter


Users Stay


Rights for Each User:

• Alter account access to each user individually within their profiles.

• Each user can be limited in their own unique way to particular accounts.

• Limit access to just one account, several accounts, or leave wide open, depending on the desired outcome for each user.

Easily Alter Access:

• Alter access as often as you need for whichever users you want to adjust and edit.

• Each user’s access abilities can be changed quickly and reliably in their individual user profiles.

Users Stay Organized:

• Users with their account access limitations set have the ability to work in a focused environment.

• By viewing only their accessible accounts, they can easily and quickly work with the limited viewing.

• Users won’t be bogged down by seeing more accounts don’t fall within their scope of work.

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