Welcome to the Family!

Thanks for joining Finch, PC, we’re glad to have you part of the family.


Below you’ll see the roadmap we created outlining the transition process that you can expect when having us on your team. The road map will take you from the initial onboard call to what life with Finch, PC will be like over the next few months (and beyond).


Expected Time Frame: This one’s on you!

To get started, let’s have you schedule the “onboard call”. The onboard call is where we talk with you in greater detail of your current accounting structure and tasks, and discuss a good transition plan for us to take over that responsibility.


Pick a few days/times that would be good for you at finch.co/meeting. We can use our conference line and it should take about 1 hour.


Expected Time Frame: Should be no more than 2 weeks.

After the onboard call, we’ll send you a list of “to dos”. This “to do” list will be a recap of everything we’ll need for us to take over your accounting and finances.


You can send us the needed items and information one by one or all at once. We’ll be keeping track and reach out along the way as we are keeping ourselves on a timeline. Ideally, this will take about a week or two, but for some clients it could take longer (depending on various circumstances).


Expected Time Frame: The first month of bookkeeping.

Now that we have everything we need, we get to work!


The first month we take over, you won’t hear from us much because we’ll be busy at the HQ learning your organization by booking entries, analyzing your financials, and preparing your first monthly report.


At the end of the first month, we may reach out to you as a recap of our month’s work… we’re going to have a list of transactions for you asking for your help in clarifying how those transactions should be booked. 


*This may be a long list… don’t worry! In the beginning, we are learning your organization – kind of like a new employee – so as we go through time, these lists will become shorter and shorter.


Expected Time Frame: The 15th of the next month.

On the 15th day after your first month with us, you’ll receive your first monthly report!


You’ll receive an email providing you access to your online portal – the one you setup during the sign-up process – where you can access your monthly report. That email will also provide you with the quick-link to schedule your monthly financial call.


You can access the previous month’s report at any time and you can schedule a call to review the report with you any time!


Expected Time Frame: The second month and beyond!

From here forward, we’ll continue doing what we’re good at! We encourage you to reach out anytime you have a question or need something. Here are some additional things we’ll keep going every month we’re on your team!

Check Processing

If you have us processing your payments, we’ll continue doing this each week. Take a look at the Check Schedule that we’re following.


We’re always on the lookout to improve things, so we may reach out from time-to-time with an idea for an upgrade to your current structure.


We always want to be a resource, so feel free to reach out to us whenever you have a question, need information, or want to pick our brain.