Working with Finch

See who’s on your team, and get a bird’s-eye view of our communications process.


You have your very own team dedicated to keeping your organization on track. Here’s how we do it:

Number Crunchers


Operations Jedis


Comprehensive Team Your team is made up of several departments depending on your needs. Typically that includes Accountants, Analysts, Operations, and Payroll. With our team handling your finances, you’re free to do what you do best: run your organization.


Our Team Setup We put an Associate, Senior, and Manager on every team to ensure accountability and collaboration in problem solving. That means working together to get you what you need, when you need it.


Multiple Levels of Review Depending on the level of service you have us providing, you could have up to 12 people working together to ensure your financial operations are running smoothly and accurately, as we have multiple levels of review built into each step of the process.


The Team Breakdown Within every Finch Team is a smaller group of specialists handling your financial needs.

Number Crunchers take care of your accounting needs by handling all bookkeeping responsibilities, reviewing and processing your payments, keeping track and documenting all of the organization’s income and expenses, along with keeping the books reconciled and up to date.

Analyzers handle all things related to your budget and reports, including all of the monthly Finch Reports and annual budgets.

Operations Jedis work to keep the communication path between clients and the team easy and efficient, while also making sure that everything accounting and finance related is running smooth for the client.

Payrollologists handle all things payroll like direct deposit paycheck processing, contractor payments, new hires, employer documentation, and all taxes and filings.


Between taxes, new hires, donations, and more, it’s important to us that our teams stay up to date with the latest in your organization. Here’s how we keep the communication in order:


Quick Turnarounds

A Phone Call Away

We Love Emails! Since we’re very task-oriented, emails are a clean and efficient way for us to track progress, ensure nothing gets left hanging, and serve as a way for us to improve as we learn more about your organization through time. Plus, you never have to worry about who to email – just send your questions or paperwork to your personalized email and our Operations Jedis will take it from there.


1-Day Turnaround While we’re very task-oriented, we’re very communicative, so it’ll be an open conversation in each email you send us! Our goal is to reply to each email within a business day, either to close the loop with you have or to acknowledge that we’ve received your email, so we can get to work on getting you what you need.


Always Free to Chat We’re always free for a phone call for items that can’t be resolved via email! Just schedule some time with us and we’ll be happy to work you through your questions regarding your books, reports, payroll, or our Finch App.