Monthly Close Schedule

At Finch, PC, we have a very systematic and rigorous monthly close process that leads up to the Finch report being delivered on the 15th of each month.


Below provides a high-level insight into the schedule of our monthly close process.

1st – 7th

Accounting Finalized

All transactions are imported into the software, entries are booked, and expense reports are emailed to clients.
Reconciliations of bank accounts are completed and expenses are updated based on client responses.
Miscellaneous final bookkeeping tasks are finalized.

8th – 10th

Accounting Reviews

Senior Accountant and Managing Accountant review begins.
Review points go back and forth internally between the Finch accounting team.
Senior Accountant and Managing Accountant sign off on the books from an accounting standpoint.

11th – 13th

Finch Reports

Analysts build out Finch reports, review generated report, and additional formatting work is completed.
Throughout this period Senior Analysts and Managing Analysts review the Finch report for formatting, accuracy, and final details.

14th – 15th

Preparation and Delivery

The Operations Team uploads the Finch reports to client portals and the FinchMail email is prepared for release.
Finch report email is sent out to clients.