Retirement Plans

Full-service retirement plans for your organization. Setup, maintenance, and management.


Whether it’s a business 401k, a church 403b9, or nonprofit 403b, our full-service approach to retirement plans allows you to focus on running your organization, while we manage every detail of your plan.

Fully Serviced:

We’ll handle all of the backend management of your organization’s retirement plan.


We take care of implementing new plans, converting existing plans, as well as all ongoing recordkeeping and custodial service requirements.

Investments Options:

Your employees can invest on their own, or in the various models that we’ve built and manage.


Choose from over 25,000 securities to be included in your organization’s retirement plan, or participants can invest in our managed portfolio models.

Education Resources:

Financial and retirement training resources at your employee’s fingertips.


Participating individuals will have access to a library of resources to assist them in their quest for retirement.

We started Shorebird in an effort to upgrade the employer retirement plan experience by bringing the same Finch principles of full-service and self-managing so you can focus on running your organization.

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