Monthly Finch Reports

We designed the Finch report to be your “go to” report to present the financial health of your organization at board meetings, elder meetings, or investor meetings.


Get access to the Finch report on a monthly basis as you and your team close the books each period. Your own Finch, PC Analyzer will handle generating and delivering your Finch report on request!

Budget vs.






Report Contents:

• Various Budget vs. Actuals metrics

• Traditional financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows)

• Rolling 12-month trending metrics of Income and Expenses

• Trending margin analytics of activity

• Balance Sheet and Cash metrics

Keep in Mind:

• Simply provide us access to your organization’s Quickbooks Online (QBO) account

• If you’ve got your budget in QBO, we can include Budget vs. Actuals metrics

• Simply email us each month when you want your Finch report generated