Premium: Bookkeeping & Budgeting

The Premium Package includes all of the following services for one flat monthly fee.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Finch will book daily expense entries as they are incurred. All accounting and bookkeeping reviews will be done by a licensed CPA or CPA candidate. Reconciliations of all bank and credit accounts will be done on a monthly basis.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Finch will create a customized budget template for your organization and/or assist in advising/refining your current budgetary systems. Finch will track budget vs. actuals in the monthly reporting. Additionally if needed, Finch will consult on a semi-annual basis to discuss whether revisions should be made based on actual activity.

Check Requests & Expense Reimbursements

Finch will process and mail checks for items such as bills, expense reimbursements, and any other expenses the organization needs to pay. These will be processed through Finch’s web-based application.

Donor Tracking

Depending on your current system, Finch will either track internal and external giving by donor for tax deduction purposes or reconcile your donor tracking with bank deposits and accounting records.

Monthly Financial Report

We will provide a report on a monthly basis that compares financial activity for the month and fiscal year-to-date. Our financial reports contain helpful metrics and comparisons of variances between actual activity and budgeted activity. We will also provide the opportunity for a monthly call to discuss the financial report along with other topics. Refer to our sample report for reference.


We want to be a resource to you. We do not charge by the hour, therefore, we welcome emails at anytime to answer questions or provide information, similarly to having an accounting and finance department across the hall. We pride ourselves in getting to know your team and organization to tailor our services to your organization’s needs.