Special Projects

With our additional special service offerings, you can take advantage of our knowledgeable and experienced team to tackle your various needs.

Chart of Account Restructure:

Let us revamp your chart of account structure to provide clarity in reporting and simplicity in booking income and expenses.


You might find that your organization has an excess number of accounts that are never used or are redundant. You might have legacy account groupings that don’t match your organization’s current operating structure. This prevents you from having a clear and accurate picture in your financial statements.

We’ll run through your current chart of account structure, prepare a proposed structure outlining a detailed translation, and work with you directly discussing the changes along with your specific needs and changes you want to see in the finalized structure. We’ll finalize by implementing the new structure in your Quickbooks Online file so that all of your historical financial activity will remain intact by mapping the old structure over to the new structure.

Audit Support: 

We will provide support with document gathering, consultation with auditors on GAAP accounting rules as they relate to the organization’s functions, and implementation of audit adjustments/processes.

990 EZ Filing:

We will prepare and submit the 990-N filing for nonprofit organizations that have less than $50k in gross receipts for the fiscal year.

Payroll Amendments:

We will amend any federal, state, or city reports that were erroneously filed, whether quarterly or annual filings, we can handle it all for you.


We charge a flat fee per quarter and annual amendments so that you only pay for the periods you need amended.

State Employer Accounts:

We will assist in setting up your organization as an employer in any state.


We charge a flat fee per US state that we establish.

Catch-up Bookkeeping:

We will catch-up on any books where the accounting was not done previously – just a few months or several years – we can handle it all.


We’ll book all income and expenses, handle customer or donor tracking, all bank reconciliations, and work through fixing period accounting errors as we identify them.

Financial Compilation: